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I received an email from a concerned Indiana resident this evening about something called “Snapperfest.” From what I have read, apparently this is an event where snapper turtles are tortured by being pulled by their tails and heads and are also slammed on the ground. I know that snapper turtles are not sea turtles, however, I feel that cruelty to any animal is a crime. PETA is apparently having difficulty shutting this turtle torturing event down, so I am asking for your help in protesting this event. Unfortunately the event is tomorrow (Aug. 20, 2011), but if it is not shut down this year, maybe it will be next year. A group called “Our Compass” has put together a website with Commissioners’ contact information and a Sample Letter to send them along with 2 petitions. PETA also has a website dedicated to this purpose. Please help stop the torture of these animals!

Written on August 20th, 2011 , Conservation, News
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